Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That time I met a snake, and swam with a spider.

Ookay. So. This story is a story. So prepare yourself, you might want to get popcorn.

It started off as just a normal day of hanging out and taking pictures and I had this amazing idea to take pictures down by the lake.
Oh, this should be simple, I've been down there before, it won't be too hard. No. Not at all.
So I went to the lake, and found wonderland, quite literally. 

WONDERLAND! Taken with my cell phone.
It was beautiful! Grassy, mixed with wonderful mud, and swamp, and there was this river going right through the grass, and then the sun was shining, and I could've sworn, I had found my favorite place in the world.

I was quickly proven wrong.
I was getting my shot wonderfully, and it was glorious, and everything, but then! I decide to sit in the river. Yes. Of course you must sit in a muddy river for a good picture? I stepped in and the mud went over my knee and into my mud boots.. But it was still pretty great.
I eventually found a more solid spot, to sit, and enjoy the nice freezing cold water...

This is after I sat down for the first time. You can see a little bit of my out-of-focus rage.
When I met a snake. It didn't get very close to me, (but I swear it was going to turn into Jaws with a snake) and was pretty small and black and just swimming around so it was okay, but I quickly scurried out of there afterwards and went to wash off at the lake, after I washed off a bit my beautiful white sheet, when I thought I'd go and jump in the pool!
I walked in, the chlorine started bleaching the sheet a bit more, and it was all swell.
When I realize there are two wolf spiders in there.
It was disgusting, they probably were dead.. But I don't know!
That was my adventure of recently, but hey, I think it might've been worth it for a good picture? 


Also, on St. Patty's day I went to a ballet school and took pictures of a rehearsal of Sleeping Beauty. It was wonderful.
I'll be doing a blog of them once I get finished with editing them all!

I forgot to mention the fact that each time I've gone back something has gone wrong, worse and worse.
The second time I went back I saw a snake longer than my arm.
The third time I saw a black widow.
*shudder* I don't think I will be going back there again 'till winter.

More pictures on my Facebook page and Flickr!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our world. Our landfill.

Let me just start off saying, I'm furious with people right now.

Just on a normal walk down to the lake today there was boxes, a few sodas, cups, pills, shampoo, deodorant, soap,  it seemed as if someone had cleaned out their bathroom and thrown everything in a parking lot. The majority of the stuff had never been used even, it was really bizarre. But, since there's wind outside everything had been blown into trees, under leaves, in the rocks by the lake. Who knows what went into the lake. It was disgusting.
We (Abbi, my mom, and I) got lucky that there was actually garbage bags dumped out, too. So we cleaned up as much as we could and put it in the garbage.

But it left me feeling horrible. I felt like I was going to throw up I was so disgusted. So I walked back home as fast as I could, to take this picture, to write down this experience. To tell people that this is not right.
It felt like a real life Wall-E moment. It hurt my gut to see my world (not only my world, my lake and park I walk down to every day) treated so terribly.

This summer, I want to get into gardening, to get more plants out and around. Our planet doesn't deserve this kind of treatment.