Friday, April 22, 2011

My week-

So, this week has been pretty awesome.
My family and I went to the Bowman's house, and enjoyed the nice spring weather.

Samuel and Sadie
Samuel and Sadie were actually having some sort of war, or something.
'Cause Sadie wanted to play with Samuel's iPod, so then she started blowing in his ear...

 It was kind of hilarious.

They eventually just played together.
Gotta love siblings. <3

Then we ate.

And Samuel played with a little green ball thing.
That was also hilarious.

We also all tried on Samuel's sunglasses to try and look cool for Facebook.
Those turned out nice.

We're all pretty cool.

After a short three days at the Bowman's, we went home.
And took a Samuel home with us!

We went on a date for our two year anniversary on the 16th. <3

 And he gave me flowers~

Then he wanted to take pictures of me doing cartwheels.
This was the only one that turned out okay. 
(Most of them were me falling over. Ouch.)

And, that's been my oh-so-exciting week!
Tune in next time to hear more about Kyra's weird life.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ANOTHER development.

Whenever I pass signs that say things like. "Soon to be development" or just plain "development" etc, I always think- "Oh great, -another- development? Really? Like we -need- that." Well, finally someone read my mind and said what I don't actually ever say...

At a development site near my house.
Yeah, this is pretty awesome.

I don't usually absolutely love graffiti (I usually just think it's really cool...), nor understand it,
But, this time, the person who wrote that there is possibly the coolest person ever.
Just sayin'.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


so! Today I went into Atlanta to attack the buildings with my camera. It was awesome.
I took soo many pictures, and here's a little snitch of them.~
King building.

In memory of Georgians who went/are in Vietnam.

Capitol Building.

City Hall.

Squirrel who was very very scared of me.

Oakland Cemetery

Root through the walk way...

"All I ask of you forever to remember me as loving you."

Margaret Michell, writer of Gone With The Wind.
(Which I am going to make myself read now.)

Dad and Abbi.

Visitor's Center.

Water Oak.

Bobby Jones

Botanical Garden

Cool building.

Fun, fun, fun, day. Although Atlanta was slightly creepy, I liked it.
The big buildings were my favorite. <3 They were so amazing.