Saturday, April 9, 2011


so! Today I went into Atlanta to attack the buildings with my camera. It was awesome.
I took soo many pictures, and here's a little snitch of them.~
King building.

In memory of Georgians who went/are in Vietnam.

Capitol Building.

City Hall.

Squirrel who was very very scared of me.

Oakland Cemetery

Root through the walk way...

"All I ask of you forever to remember me as loving you."

Margaret Michell, writer of Gone With The Wind.
(Which I am going to make myself read now.)

Dad and Abbi.

Visitor's Center.

Water Oak.

Bobby Jones

Botanical Garden

Cool building.

Fun, fun, fun, day. Although Atlanta was slightly creepy, I liked it.
The big buildings were my favorite. <3 They were so amazing.

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  1. Holy Crap-oly! You got SKILLZ girl! ::: just sayin :)
    That one of your dad and Abbi about made me cry...