Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bobby's Bait Shop...

I've always planned on taking a picture of like, 100+ pianos in a row, all sorts of different types, and shapes, and such. But you'd have to be able to look at all of the little details people put into them, either it's the ivory keys, or the stringing in the back. The piano itself always seemed like a piece of art.

Today I'm going to be going to a really old gas station, named "Bobby's Bait Shop". I've had my eye on it for a while to take pictures of it, it's rotting, being covered by kudzu, most likely infested with termites, but there's something unique and quirky about it. (And I love the name Bob for anything, so that kind of ties me in to wanting to see it.) I'm hoping it doesn't turn into a story like the "Coolest Junk Shop Ever", that I went to. Which ended up smelling like mold, and didn't have anything cool in it at all. Although, I think it's a little different. Considering what I want to take pictures of is the outside of the gas station, not the inside of a junk shop.

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