Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Restless mind.

Ever been so utterly inspired, you can't sleep?
It feels like my mind is tossing, turning, scrambling and steaming with ideas.

It's almost midnight, I'm sick and unable to take many pictures, yet I'm so incredibly inspired.
And I can't sleep, so here I am. Writing about the fact that I can't sleep.

Good thing about this? I have ideas.
So many new ideas I've never even considered before.
I'm really looking forward to challenging myself soon.
To challenge myself to work with more models,
to challenge myself to try more levitation shots,
to challenge myself to try more street photography,
and just challenge everything I've ever considered to be my style, or thought process.

I think the next few months are really going to be great for my photography.

Be bubbly.
In a way I'm honestly terrified of my ideas. I've never tapped into my thoughts, and plans like this before.
(Or rather, when I have, they didn't turn out.)
But I finally think my abilities might be strong enough to take my pictures to a level they've never been.
And that really excites me.

So, in conclusion. I get inspired when I actually can't do anything about it.


(As always, more pictures on my Flickr.)

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  1. A mi a veces también me sucede lo mismo, lindo blog, lindas palabras, encontre tu blog a traves de flickr :), Saludos!!