Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh my flour!

Fairy Dust.
So, today I did my second picture ever using flour. And oh my gosh. It was so much! I got flour absolutely EVERYWHERE. But it was totally worth it.
The first one I did was way back in June, the day before I started my 365.

Flowers In The Wind.
I like to think my photography ability has improved quite a bit since then, but I still really like that picture.

Today my neighbor said his first words to me ever. It was really quite exciting, and hilarious.
"Hi, powerdy girl!", yelled out of a school bus.
That's been the excitement of my day, other than stepping on a stick while taking this and getting a small hole in the button of my foot. Ouch.

I want to start going outside and making an absolute fool of myself when kids are coming home from school, I think it'd be fun. And maybe, just maybe, there will be a kid who joins me.
That would be awesome.

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