Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Forever, forever.

Ahh! I haven't posted in forever, and I'm seriously sorry for that.
I've been busy on my Flickr, where I've started a 365 self portrait challenge.
It's been an amazing experience, and I'm already on day 113. 
So, I guess I should catch this blog up on what's been going on, though-

On June 21st, I started my 365, with a selective black and white.

Colorful Yet Blank.
It's kind of crazy to think about how long ago that was now..

On June 25th, four days later. I splattered paint on my face.
Which turned out to be my first ever "Explored" picture on Flickr.

That picture got 167 views in over night- and gained me 672 views in one day.

18 days later, I was in Minnesota for two weeks-
And made one of my favorite pictures to date.

Holding On.
16 days later, I was a curly haired queen.

Curly Queen.
11 days later, it was day 50! Which will forever be one of my favorites.

The Monsters Come Out At Night.
7 days later, I painted my hair. It was awesome.

Day 60, 61, 62, and 63 I four of my most iconic pictures.

My Wonderland. (Which got my second Explored.)

I also happened to get Laryngitis, 
which happened to inspire my pictures in a good way.
Story of the No Voice.


A Fly Away Story.
On day 68, I had probably one of my memorable pictures ever.
The Outcasts got my third Explored, and won two Flickr group contests.

The Outcasts.
Day 70. Rainy days inspire the best pictures.

Did you know butterflies played in the rain?
Day 76. I made one of my favorite pictures ever, probably. 
Gluing stuff to my face has become one of my favorite things to do.

Shedding My Scales.
Day 79. I was stuck in the clouds.

Mad World.
Day 80, I was trying out softer tones.
I also love butterflies.

And there was a butterfly.
Day 89, I went on a three day cool picture spree.


She Sleeps With the Fireflies.
For Just Breath, I went into the forest on the point at the lake for the first time.

Just Breath.
Day 94. I discovered natural lens flares.

Where was my fault.
Day 95, and fall was coming!

And five days, and 100 stars cut, 100 strings tied, and 100 holes punched later...
It was day 100.

100 Stars.
That picture inspired lots of star-influenced pictures.

Stars Fall Back.
And on day 107, I was back to my photoshoping craziness.

Just Another Puppet.
109, it rained again.

Keep your feet on the ground!
And finally. Yesterdays picture. 112.
Which is probably one of my favorite pictures ever.
Flowers By The Windowsill.
And, well, that concludes my catch-up post.
If you're interested in seeing any of the other pictures so far on my 365-
Check it out here. Or you can just browse my Flickr Photostream which has a lot of pictures.
Will probably post later this week! I want to start blogging again.

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