Thursday, October 20, 2011

This is Kyra.

So, lately I've been trying to do a lot of trying-to-figure-myself-out-ness.
And this whole 365 thing was to show the world 365 pieces of Kyra- And I haven't really done that! I mean, sure, each picture is a little part of me, but I haven't talked about a few things about me.
This is Kyra.
So, I took today's picture, thinking I'd really just try and be myself, and capture it. I feel like I kind of captured that. Soo, here are 20 facts about myself~ Enjoy.

1: I haven't had completely natural/not dyed hair since I was 9.
2: I feel very little and unimportant a lot.
3: I have a crazy obsession with hats.
4: I have a crazy obsession with any accessories.
5: I never wear accessories.
6: I feel judged when I wear makeup.
7: I love being a teenager.
8: My favorite thing about me is my eyes.
9: I like boots.
10: I'm a vegetarian, unless it's for Japanese education to try out new foods.
11: When I feel unoriginal I feel sick.
12: I have a lot of friends, but not one friend I tell everything to.
13: My favorite food is spaghetti.
14: I hate eating.
15: I get sick a lot.
16: I hate where I live.
17: I feel best when taking pictures.
18: I get embarrassed way too easily.
19: I want to learn Japanese, and live in Tokyo.
20: I like rap music quite a lot.

Ta da! Now, you all know me a tiny bit better.
And if you knew me in real life, and knew all of this. Kudos to you for knowing me really well!

As always, more pictures on my Facebook and Flickr!

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