Friday, October 21, 2011

I glue stuff to my face.

Okaaay. So. I love blogging. I can't keep myself away from blogging for one day, even. Grah!

I glue stuff to my face.
A lot.

I knew I liked doing stuff that involved getting stuff on my face after doing my ever-so-famous picture.

I kind of dislike this picture. Maybe someday I'll revisit the idea and make it even better.

And then, I just -HAD- to do more...

Plans of the Heart Eater.
Which unleashed my love for gluing stuff to my skin, and face!

Creating two of my other most famous pictures.

Shedding my Scales.

The Outcasts.

And then I decided I wouldn't glue stuff to my face for a while because of how much it hurts.

... Well. The day has come, people!

Crying the Joy.
That day of finally gluing dead flower petals to me! I love this picture. It really describes my mood lately.
Also, that scratch is just from me scratching my skin a little bit. It didn't hurt at all. I can draw on my skin it's so white. Merph.

Few outtakes I kind of like~

I tried gluing to my foot, too. It turned out pretty cool.

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