Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just a girl who likes clothes.

"What makes me happy is dressing, at long last, according to the dictates of my soul."

I'm inspired by many things, one of those many things being clothes.
I've always loved clothes, when I was around 8ish I got my first sewing machine and went crazy with it.
I made many miscellaneous items with clothes I didn't want anymore,
or clothes my family didn't want.

I specifically remember the very first thing I made that actually worked out the way I had planned,
it was a vest made out of one of my mom's old shirts, and then I added little pieces of fabric from my old favorite clothes.

It had a spongebob face from my first spongebob pajamas, a friendship bracelet that one of my best friends made for me, buttons from my favorite denim jacket, a money from my favorite pajamas, a patch from one of my favorite silky "hippie" shirts (what I called it when I was little.), and the list could go on forever.

Quite honestly, I'm inspired by the little kid I was back then.
I wore this vest for a few years 'till I grew out of it; but when I did wear it, I wore it proudly.
It was so beautiful in my eyes, and I didn't care if other people didn't like it or not. I liked it, and that was all that mattered.

I still feel the same way, where society has no boundaries on me, and has absolutely no say in what I think is beautiful, or what I think looks good. But it definitely still can have a terrible effect on me sometimes.
Getting weird looks for dyed hair, weird looks for wearing a tutu, crazy makeup, or even just my knee-high converse.

I hope someday, in the future, people will be more accepting of others,
and think people who are different, are the same.

Definitely inspired by an article about a girl in Vogue about how in high school she stopped dressing how she wanted, because of people, and because of bullies.

The sum of it all; I cut up a shirt today, and I'm realizing how in love I am with fashion, and would really love to pursue fashion photography more, or even just have some more fashion-esque clothes lying around at my disposal..
You know, fantasies of being rich and having all of the clothes I want.

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  1. I love this post. It's so fun to read your stories. More please! :D