Sunday, January 1, 2012

New adventures.

Hello, 2012, I welcome you with an open mind for new adventures. <3
Quite honestly, this past year has been pretty weird. Went through some of the hardest things I've ever had to go through, but also some of the best things. Photography became the biggest part of my life last year, too. I started my 365 in April, and lived through feeling uninspired, lost, and alone. I've also grown so much since last January, it's crazy! Then, I wouldn't have even imagined going to photography school for at least a few years, and now I'm going in 23 days. Then, I couldn't have imagined spending $1,200 on a camera, now I've spent around $1,700 on photography equipment, and excited to spend more. Then, I wasn't friends with my best friend right now. (<3 you Karina. <3) Now, I'm excited to go to school, and have new adventures with photography, and the people who have influenced my life in negative and positive ways.
No matter how clique I feel for posting this, honestly, I can't wait to become a better person, and meet new people. New adventures are just waiting at my doorstep.

I hope all of you had an amazing last year, and have an amazing year to come. <3

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